HazCheck Decals

HazCheck decals are available to all farm machinery dealers. The following range of decals are  2 colour, black print on high quality yellow weatherproof vinyl, unless otherwise indicated.

Several new decals have now been added to our range and all decals are now available in decal sheets.

HazCheck decals specified by HazCheck Final Inspection Reports provide tangible proof that purchasers of hazardous machines have been given relevant information regarding the need for risk controls.


Decal Sets DS 200 to DS 203

HazCheck decals are available in machinery sets (usually 17 - 21 decals / set) to suit various machinery applications. The benefit of decal sets is that the set will provide all decals normally required for a particular piece of machinery, for a much reduced per item price. This also reduces the stock quantities of decals required, and simplified re-ordering and selection of decals.

Refer to decal illustrations for further information.


Decal Sheets

Sheets of duplicated single decals are available (12 - 24 decals / sheet depending on size of decal). Refer to the decal illustrations in this section for the exact quantity of decals per sheet.



All sheets are $15.00 each, except for DS384 which is $19.00 each. Postage and handling charges are additional (approximately $10.00). As of 2020.

Please refer to the HazCheck Warning Decals & Order Form.

Please note: The cost of postage is calculated by weight and will be charged accordingly.