Farm and Industrial Machinery Safety Training Guide

The Farm Machinery Safety Training Guide contains basic information regarding the safe use of farm machinery in the same easy to read, cartoon style of the previous safety manual. It also includes carbonised HazCheck Installation Safe Use Instructions (SUI) and the generic Final Inspection Report All Machines (FIAM). This enables the guide to be used to provide final inspection and safe use instructions on suitable machines.


Records of Induction Training

The Farm and Industrial Machinery Safety Training Guide is invaluable evidence that the dealer has done everything that is 'reasonably practicable' to do, to provide relevant information to a purchaser. In turn, the guide can then be used by the purchaser to provide legal evidence that the all important induction training has been provided by a purchaser to their employee.


Benefits of providing the Farm and Industrial Machinery Safety Training Guide to every purchaser:

      • Provides additional tangible proof of training provided to a purchaser; and
      • Provides a simple way for a purchaser to record training provided to another operator

Please note that the Farm and Industrial Machinery Training Guide should not be used as a substitute for the original Operators Handbook, or as a substitute for full hazard identification and risk control documentation.



HazCheck Farm and Industrial Machinery Training Guides are available for:

      • $7.90 each in quantities of 100 or more, plus postage and handling
      • $9.90 each in quantities of less than 100, plus postage handling
      • Note: If you own company logo is printed on the front a fee of $2.00 extra per guide applies.
      • These prices apply from Jan 2020

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